Covid 19 updated policies (as of 11 August 2020):

1. As we are an online store, we have always had viewings and purchases at our gallery by appointment only.  But due to safe distancing measures, we are limiting these appointments to keep within either 15min or 30 min slot durations.  On successful appointments with us, we will let you know your allocation. Please do come alone or to limit yourselves to one other partner, parent or friend.  Do note and comply with further measures like temperature taking, feet sanitization and hand washing before approaching our instruments.  Masks will need to be worn at all times in our premise. Failing to comply with our measures, we reserve the right to deny your entry.

2. During this Covid 19 period, we strongly advice purchases by online means with contactless collection or by professional courier services.  For this period there is FOC courier service for all instruments except BV1 Series and BB1 Series bow will have a surcharge of $5 for bows and $10-$20 for violins and violas, please allow 2-5 days for delivery to occur.

3. Refunds and exchanges at this time is strictly not possible due to hygiene reasons. Please measure yourselves carefully and read this article written by Vivienne Eio to deduce your correct violin size. (In doubt buy a size larger if your child doesn’t fit you may purchase the smaller size and you can keep the next size for future use, usually kids outgrow within 1-2 years of each size. All adults 150cm and above use 4/4 size)

4. Repairs and replacement of parts and free servicing are still available to our own customers (with proof of direct purchase) however we would try to take measures to limit the necessity of them by helping to troubleshoot the problem via a series of consultations with us on your problem before advising you to send your instruments in.

1. How do Belcanto Violins compare with other brands?

We are a premium violin studio taught by Vivienne Eio with prize winning students and perform regularly in Singapore and around the world. Belcanto Violins are our choice instruments to use as they are affordable yet very well made and have good projections for use from beginner stages to professional levels. Even best selling BV1 Series Gloss Model which comes in 1/16 to 4/4 size, is handmade with stiff, low density specially sourced wood which gives it our signature crisp tone and light weight body to endure the hours of practice.

2. Where are our Violins made?

Unlike other brands, our Violins are made in one single workshop in Beijing. This is to ensure quality and a flow from one model to another (BV1001-BV8001 and our professional series). This is from a collaboration with the founder of Belcanto Violins Vivienne Eio and her friend from an American Violin making school to come up with violin models that work for musicians. Such as lightweight instruments, substantial handmade quality, responsible wood sourcing. Just to name a few considerations and thought into making the instruments the best that they can be.


3. Why do we have special promotions?

As our company is largely an online retail business, we are able to provide promotions to the customers. We also do not provide special commissions to teachers at the moment which helps to enable the sale of the Violins genuinely to customers who come back to buy from us repeatedly due to the quality and value of our instruments and not due to other reasons.

4. How many years have we been in this business?

We have been globally supplying our instruments to other countries with large markets such as China, Japan, Europe and USA since 2012. However due our founder Vivienne Eio being now based in Singapore, she has a large customer base and students here that require the business to be in Singapore as well now. And thus she being here the choice instruments would come to Singapore.

5. Can I come and try and purchase the instruments?

Yes you May, with an Appointment. Use this form or Mail to belcantoviolins@outlook.com or contact/WhatsApp +6586942694.

6. Are there servicing, refunds, exchanges or warranties?


No refunds are allowed. We unfortunately do not give warranties to our instruments due to the acoustic nature that it either works or does not. Be rest assured that we check every violin take photos and send them to you before each dispatch to give you the added quality assurance.

We do allow exchanges for example if your size was incorrectly purchased, but only for a violin to the same or higher model and Belcanto Violins remains at discretion on a case by case basis if such an exchange can be made. Otherwise as a general rule, no exchanges can be made. In all exchange scenarios, you would need to make an appointment to come down and do so personally with the instrument. The instrument must be in new condition as it was shipped to you for the exchange.

There is a 6 month warranty for Belcanto E-Series Violins for 6 months against mechanical failure but not against any accidental damage or wear and tear or any damage due to negligence.

If you have the original receipt and can proof your Customer ID, all servicing is done for free. For minor repairs or part replacements due to wear and tear or damage, we will charge for only these parts, no service fee. For serious repairs we would need to refer you directly to shops that we work closely with a full professional service workshop, the service and costs will be borne solely by the customer. You can contact us to check for the repairs that you need to be done and we could assist you from there.

7. Do we offer trade ins?

At Belcanto Violins we do not have any trade in policy as we only sell freshly made violins from our workshop. A trade in system will also mean that we will need to buy back the instrument at a lower cost from our customers.

If you have bought a Belcanto Violin and wish to resell it, we will encourage you to price it for at least the same cost that you acquired it for as our violins are priced at an internationally fair price reflective of the quality and value of the instrument truly (without markups). If a seasoned instrument is sold it should not be devalued provided that the instrument has been kept well and in a same playable state that was sold to you by us. Strings, Bows and cases can be replaced or rehaired. Please contact our customer service to enquire.

Tip: To keep the fingerboard height correct in a humid environment, throw some desiccants in the violin case. If the fingerboard height “collapses” due to humidity and neglect you may want to have that realigned by a professional luthier before selling off the instrument. The cost for this correction is usually about $150-250SGD. It is best to have a professional luthier to look at your instrument before selling it to make sure the next owner does not have to pay for unnecessary cost.

Best wishes Team Belcanto

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