Music Theory Classes

ABRSM Theory classes with Vivienne Eio are in small groups of students within similar age groups and learning abilities. These classes will run according to grades and in batches for the upcoming exams. Vivienne has an all distinction track record for all students sent in for theory classes. (Praise be to God!)

Please enquire about the dates of commencement for the next class

Fees start at $120 per month for 45min/ 1hr 30mins class and payable at a block for the exam. ie minimum of 3 months

Lesson size is confined to 3-6 and depending on size the lesson will last up to one hour and a half hours.

Note that you need not be her violin or piano student to join this class. But if you are an existing student you will be strongly encouraged to join these classes as beyond Grade 5 ABRSM examinations require a Grade 5 Theory certificate to qualify for the exam

Do also enquire for one on one Express Theory Classes that is catered to those who wish to accelerate their learning to qualify for the grade 5 examinations.

These lessons are held at the studio location at One Tree Hill Singapore

Update: intake for June 2018 Theory Class grade 1 for 7 year olds (born in 2011) registration is now open. Please contact for registration. Thank you.

Time: Saturday 3.15pm (duration to TBC depending on class size min 1 hour)

Fees: $120 per month payable by 3 Months (i.e. $360 for 3months)

Location: Belcanto Music Studios at One Tree Hill

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