How to Encounter Phrases of Music with Sudden Dynamic Changes

By Vivienne Eio The article in the link below by cello Professor Miranda Wilson, gives useful practice tips on how to carry out the sudden dynamic changes found in Beethoven’s compositions. Other than Beethoven, Bach’s compositions also have sudden dynamic changes in parts that echo from forte to sudden piano with no diminuendo or crescendo.Continue reading “How to Encounter Phrases of Music with Sudden Dynamic Changes”

16 Good Violin Practice Habits

By Vivienne Eio Stretching Before starting your daily practise routine, you should do a series of stretches just to lengthen your muscles and keep them flexible so as to prevent any unwanted injury.  The stretching routine should consist of deep stretches not only for the fingers and arms which are directly involved, but also forContinue reading “16 Good Violin Practice Habits”

Let’s talk about the Neck

By Vivienne Eio If you do not play the violin or seen one up close, you may misconstrue that parts of the violin are not removable such as the bridge which can actually be moved rather easily and is just balanced in its place by the tension of the strings.  Upon loosening the strings, theContinue reading “Let’s talk about the Neck”

What Makes a Good Violin?

By Vivienne Eio Over the years having performed and taught many students in different countries, I have had the privilege of playing violins in every size and lineage of American, Eastern European and European makers to the China makers and I even now sell my own line of violins.  So what makes a good violinContinue reading “What Makes a Good Violin?”

How to prevent injury playing the violin. Ergonomically designed Viola? Will that be the violin’s future too? 

Though playing the violin is not a contact sport and it is classified as a mild activity, you can still get repetitive stress injuries or other injuries over time if not careful with your daily routine and posture. I read an interesting strings magazine  write up on a luthier that makes unorthodox shaped violas toContinue reading “How to prevent injury playing the violin. Ergonomically designed Viola? Will that be the violin’s future too? “

Happy to be able to write another article on how to choose a violin and it has been featured in an independent blog site