Trial Lesson Booking Form

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  1. Please contact us or whatsapp/call 86942694 to book a trial lesson appointment and check availability 
  2. Please note that the trial lesson is a 30-45 minute unique and dedicated time slot for you. Strictly no changes and cancellations can be made as another student would be happy to take this allotment.
  3. Payment must be made BEFORE the trial lesson otherwise, it is deemed not to have been booked.
  4. Please send us a screenshot or receipt that payment has been made and we will send you a confirmation that the trial lesson has been booked. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Please make your payment of $100 via paynow or paylah no. 86942694 BELCANTO VIOLINS.  Alternatively you may scan the QR codes here:

Please prepare the following for the 30- 45 minute Trial lesson/Audition session:

  1. A Scale and Your best piece (preferably two pieces of contrasting era/mood or one piece and one technical piece/Etude), and
  2. A written list of repertoire (or book series) past and present covered to submit during the session;
  3. Some background of your learning and achievements to date and a sentence on what you hope to get out of the classes.
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